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In this blog, I’ll be sharing another case type Barber Medical Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC has the expertise to review.  Workers’ compensation cases involve job related injuries that arise out of, or in the course of employment.  In workers’ compensation cases, compensation can be obtained secondary to the damages and hardship acquired. 

The claimant (employee) must be able to show that he, or she suffered impairment or incapacity resulting in an inability to earn wages he or she was being paid when the injury was sustained in the same or other employment.

Examples of workers’ compensation cases include: auto accidents, back injuries, injuries involving objects striking workers, cumulative trauma disorders, as well as equipment and machinery related injuries.

In these types of cases, Barber Medical Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC assesses the alleged damages or injuries.  The extent of injuries, damages, and hardship is assessed, as well as the presence of underlying medical conditions that could influence causation.  Factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages or injuries are identified. 

The 21 years of experience specific to medical record review, allows Barber Medical Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC to efficiently, and thoroughly organize, tab, and paginate medical records.  We identify and review relevant medical records.  Following an objective review of the medical records, Barber Medical Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC summarizes, translates and interprets the medical records.   Strategic literature searches are performed and the literature is integrated into the case analysis.  Upon client request, Barber Medical Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC can be involved in interviewing claimants, consulting with healthcare providers, as well as coordinating and attending independent medical examinations (IME’s).

P.S. Comment and share what has been the most challenging aspect of representing worker’s compensation cases, medically, and/or legally.